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Planning an Event and Don’t Know Where to Start?

You just got engaged or you are planning an event and you couldn’t be more stoked, but now that the reality of actually planning a Event has finally set in you have no clue where to start. First of all, don’t have a panic attack! We are here to help. If you’re feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed or like your head is spinning a million miles a minute, take a deep breath, relax and simply begin by going through our website.


What Kind of Help Do I Need?

Full Service

Full service include being employed immediately after an engagement and is answerable for countless things along the way. Usually I a responsible for

 • Retaining already made plans to progress on the perfect timeline • Suggest providers that are healthy in within your price range and fashion • Handle conversations between stated companies • Being present at conferences for or with you.

  As your wedding planner we will be a key participant in making your wedding day truly come together from the floor up.

Partial Service

As a partial service wedding planner I usually hired to come on board and help with the planning process closer to the marriage day as soon as the couple has done a majority of the planning for their wedding ceremony already. Essentially I will be assisting you in unfastening the ends that you may not have thought about when planning your dream wedding.

Wedding Day Coordination:

If the bride and groom didnt already sorted all of their pre-wedding ceremony arrangements, then my  obligation is to look over the contracts for every vendor the purchaser that has selected to lease

• Ensure that everyone who’s inside the wedding ceremony or party is escorted in • Attend the marriage rehearsal • Hammer out all of the scheduling information with you (bride and groom).

In other wards, we ensure that everybody is on the same page.

Wedding Consultations

If you have no desire to hire a wedding planner and know that you wanted to plan your wedding yourself, you just need someone to share their expertise and knowledge with you to help attain the perfect design your looking for in your wedding or event, to help you solve your problems, or to get great referrals, I am  here to help.

Meet The Event Planner

Hi, my name is Jemila. I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to contact me anytime


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