Uniting the flames of two individual candles into the flame of a single unity candle is a lovely, symbolic gesture in a wedding ceremony. But to keep the “forever” alive. consider combining your unity candle with an anniversary countdown candle.

Countdown candles typically include a column of sequential numbers, that represent the accrued years of marriage. Unity candles are often embellished with sprigs of flowers and personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. But with a little tweaking, a single candle may serve as both a ceremonial wedding-day candle and an anniversary candle for the years ahead.

Custom candles can include wedding designs on the front and countdown numbers on the back. Or you could make your own countdown candle by adding small jewelry findings to your unity candle. A column of tiny rhinestone hearts or little metal studs is easily affixed to the candle to represent the years without distracting from the wedding-day sentiment.

It’s uplifting to have an anniversary candle to light for just a few shared moments each year, but knowing that the candle you light actually stood with you at the altar revives precious feelings that may have grown distant With time.